Our Story.

Founded by Paige Nicholson, Dramatique Boutique is the world's first beauty & cosmetics company funded by sex work.

After loosing brand deals and endorsements following her decision to join OnlyFans; Paige decided that she would no longer allow anyone to tell her what to do with her body. So with the money she saved with OnlyFans she put it all into an idea. That she would never be censored again.

"Whether your putting makeup on your face, or twerking around the pole, whatever you do with YOUR body, is YOUR choice... PERIOD!"

She started this movement with her first product & Palette "NO MORE NUDES". After struggling with her weight for years, Paige has always tried to embrace her body. Because she understood all too well what it meant to lack confidence, and feel uncomfortable in the skin she was in, once she learned how to feel every bit of beautiful she is she knew she had to help others get there too. That is why she has so fiercely encouraged everyBODY to embrace every curve, every roll, every part of their body & those who attempted to love themselves unconditionally would be regarded as "DB Royalty".

"We only get one body, Whether you have fillers & a butt lift, are overweight, conventionally pretty, or a unique beauty. Our lives are too short to be hung up on what others think of you. You have ONE body, no replacements, no refunds, no exchanges, no returns... SO LIVE. IN. IT."